Design Checklist

To ensure your online business overall design success, we find checklists can be very useful, so we’ve prepared a checklist of things that clients should provide their website designer at the outset. A clear description of your requirements will assist us to provide you the best advice and service. This list will ensure you (the client) and us (designer) are dealing professionally as well as creating an efficient workflow.

Web Design Checklist

This form is for website design. Carefully go through, enter all applicable and input N/A in the ones not relevant to you or your business.

first and last name

name for your proposed website

where you can be contacted

number where you can be reached, or

we can help if its not registered

If it is not registered, we can help with the hosting, specify your preference

SiteXcel Host can provide domain name registration and hosting if you desire

check the one that is applicable to your company or business

if you don't know, you can leave blank

a logo is required for any website, the cost will be included in your overall package

example, white background and blue; dark background and cream

Please check all that applies and include additional related information below

Data: related content, images, audio or video

Example: Audio, Video, Domain Name Registration, Email Accounts, Flash Media, Logo Design, Blog / Newsletters, Online Forms, Events Calendar, Chats Functionality, CRM - Customer Relationship, Ongoing web site Management, Bookings, Scheduler

Social Media Integration, Backend Control Panel, Front-end Editing, SEO - Search Engine Optimization, Online Security, Site Lock. ID Protect, Email Marketing, Legal Privacy Policy. Website Optimization. Shipping, Tracking, FAQ & Help Desk, Bookings & Scheduler, Invoicing, PayPal Integration,

Choose all preferred options: Product Compare, wish list, quick view, shopping cart, price filter, bulk purchase discount, coupons, testimonials, user management, user reward program, custom invoice, product slider, FAQ, goods purchased tracking, international

Be as realistic as you can, we will try and work within your budget if it is possible. You can also check our package pricing on our website

Include other information that has not been covered above, for example: (ongoing website management, advertising, online security and mobile integration


Maximum size 10MB

Website design is usually completed within 14 business days or less if data is already on ground.

Please go through the form again for accuracy before submission. Check the following links as reference or guide, we can provide tailored web design services.
  1. Web Design Packages
  2. Hosting Services
  3. Online Security
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